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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Halfway Mark

The Olympics are halfway through. I was cruising right along on the Haruni pattern until my yarn ran out.

I ordered some more yarn this morning which means I will now rip back to the first chart, add some more repeats, then continue to the second chart and edging. It doesn't look good for me being able to finish this project by the closing ceremonies.

With all this Olympic spirit I decided to have the kids track the medals and countries.

It's very homemade but it's still fun to see who is leading in the medal count.

On Thursday I took the kid's ice skating. It was their first time ever trying out this sport and they've already asked to go back and try it again. It really helped them appreciate the Olympic skating events even more.

Up next this coming week---our first ever attempt at skiing and snowboarding.


Anonymous Helene said...

I'm way behind you on Haruni, but haven't given up yet. You go girl!!

3:01 AM


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