How did we end up here? We've lived in Northern Illinois for 23 years. Way too long for this vegetarian! Thankfully, we're only a Metra ride away from Chicago.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Another Year Older

Yep, Another year has flown by and that means another birthday is upon me. My sweetie planned out a day adventure in Chicago to help me celebrate. Our first stop was a music shop to pick out a new violin. Unfortunately I didn't find anything I wanted to purchase. Not too far away was a music festival we went to check out.

We were just in time to hear the play offs for the Midwest Fiddle Championship.

Next up was lunch at at a Costa Rican restaraunt-Irazu. The food tasted fresh and delicious!

If you're going to celebrate a birthday you need cake so the next stop was a yummy bakery.

He planned to take me to a bunch of fabric and yarn stops along the way but we ran out of time and they were all closed by the time we made our way around the traffic. We stopped at another music store on our way home and spent a couple of hours tinkering on guitar's and bass's. Now I have a mandolin, guitar, bass, and violin to add to my wish list. My neighbors are going to love me!


Anonymous carolynswafford said...

Happy Birthday, Anna! It sounded like a very fun time!

5:43 PM


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