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Saturday, July 04, 2009

Summer is flying by!

Wow-It's July. Where did June go?

Both of my kids attended separate theater camps during June. The month was filled with carting kids to different places at different hours of the day. It was the first full length musical for my eldest. He had a fantastic time with 60 other young thespians putting together Miss Saigon with only 2 weeks of rehearsals.

I found out about a very unique 500 acre park only 40 miles from our home so we went to check it out. There are two history-rich museums in the park: the Robert R. McCormick Museum and the Cantigny First Division Museum. The First Division Museum contains over 10,000 items from every war and conflict from the Revolutionary War to Desert Storm. It's like having a Smithsonian in our backyard. Surrounding the First Division Museum they have 10 tanks on display. It's no surprise as to which part of the park were my kid's favorite.

I fell in love with the gardens. A little bit of "peace" on earth after touring the war history museum.

We are headed back to this park at the end of July for their birthday celebration. Complete with cake and ice cream, 19th century games, farm animals and period farming equipment, and the kid's favorite-backyard ballistics.


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