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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Cross another project off the list.

Yeah, I completed another crochet project.

My first lapghan. Well, some may consider it a crib blanket really considering the size of it(30"X50"). The pattern is here. It took me about 10 days from buying the yarn(Lion Brand Wool Ease) to completing it. For me this is amazing. I learned the more stripes in an item the more weaving in there is left to do. At the recent sit n stitch a fellow member asked if I had added fringe. That's how many ends there were to weave in. Time to get focused on holiday gifts now that Halloween is behind me and there are 1255 stitching hours left until Christmas.


Blogger KathyMarie said...

It looks wonderful. High five to you! (I'm blind with jealousy, of course, but in a happy way). What kind of edging did you use?

7:55 AM

Blogger Anna said...

The 1st rnd is 5 dc in the same space. Then for the 2nd rnd it's dc5tog. It gives the look of 2 rows of alternating shells to me. I edited my blog with a link to the pattern too.

2:52 PM


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