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Sunday, December 30, 2007

2007 wrap up

It's the end of another year. Here's a link filled recap of knitting projects I completed during the year.

*The beginning of my felted clog adventures(5 pairs completed during 2007!).

*My first try at fair isle with the Center Square hat.

*Cardigan for Arwen. I love how this cardigan turned out. I wish it wasn't so darn itchy!

*Another fair isle hat,the winter sunrise hat.

*I knit along with the sexy knitters club and completed my Rusted Root t-shirt.

*Completed my Thorn and Thistle tank top.

*Started an Etsy Shop. Yeah, it's not knitting but my bags are meant to house your knitting. I could have never expected in six months to have sewed up and sold over 400 of those little project bags.

*Kathy and I had our own little kal with Tomato.

*Received my invitation to RAVELRY!!!

*Another sexy knitters club kal with Fifi.

*Tried to knit up central park hoodie but this one is a bit small. I still liked all the cables!

*I love my Bears colored We call them pirates hat. Too bad the Bears didn't have another winning season.

*Knit up a ribbed alpaca scarf that was given to husband for his birthday. I've been wearing this one as it's super warm and he thinks it's too scratchy.

*Chance's my so called scarf knit with beautiful malabrigo. He loves it!

*I finished up my blue clapotis. It's super squishy and warm but I will never,EVER try to drop stitches in malabrigo yarn again.


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