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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

The good news and the other stuff.

Have you ever been asked do you want the good news or bad news first? Well since you can't answer it for me I'm going to start at the bad before the good.
Starting in late January I started having lower back pain. I've never had back pain before and I can't pinpoint exactly what caused this pain to start up. I can say the two full term pregnancies I carried were a breeze compared to the pain I've had in my back. So for the past couple of weeks I've had five doctor appointments and have been prescribed five different medications. All these meds say "may cause dizziness or drowsiness." I've been really drowsy and had a back ache for over two weeks. Yesterday my insurance finally approved an MRI and an ultrasound for next week. I'm almost hoping for a definite answer to this back ache.
In other bad news, my Dad is back in the hospital. He's admitted for at least 10 days for a really bad infection in his leg that also caused his heart to go into atrial fib. Since he's 1400 miles away in Texas I can't stop by to see him.

Okay, now that the bad stuff is out of the way now on to the good.
Last Thursday Danielle, a fellow Ravelry member contacted me to see if I would be a sponsor for a knitting retreat she's having in DC later this month. Then on Friday another fiber entusiast, Karida of Neighborhood Fiber Co contacted me for 56 bags to send along with her sock of the month club. 81 bags ordered in the course of 2 days! I'm a one woman operation so this is allot to take on at once. But I love my little bags so I accepted the challenges and have been trying to get as much sewing done as my back will allow!

One of the first books I acquired when I started knitting was Stitch 'N Bitch by Stoller. I used it for information but never used it for a pattern. I picked it up a couple of weeks ago and cast on for the big sack sweater. I have one sleeve left to knit up and then comes the part that takes the longest for me, putting all the pieces together. A wearable item knit on 10.5 size needles was exactly what I needed and I'm loving this project.


Blogger DotMom (a.k.a. Julie) said...

Hi Anna!! I'm so sorry to hear about your back pain!! I had no idea, and I hope you can get it nailed down and FIXED!

Congrats on your bag orders ... I think! That's a LOT, but I can guarantee that the recipients are going to love them!

7:21 PM


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