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Friday, February 08, 2008

At the starting gate.

Clearly when it comes to my knitting I have no problem starting projects but a bigger problem when it comes to finishing them. This week I started my first lace shawl project. I picked the forest canopy shawl for the pattern and malabrigo lace for the yarn.

So far so good. I'm not very good about being able to drop this project mid row and remembering exactly where I left off so this project is my "after the kids are asleep" project.

I also started another malabrigo my so called scarf and I cast on for a matching hat in the same "ocean" color way. The color way reminds me of Florida beach houses with the greens and blues.

Coming up tomorrow is Hat Attack day. I'm going to see if I can knit up a cabled hat in a day. My target is in Las Vegas and my yarn, needles, and "death" bag are ready to go.

I'm normally a non-violent person so the thought of me being an assassin, "killing" someone with a knitted hat is hilarious. My family thinks it's a bit loony and I need to be medicated or committed.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Holy crap. That bag!! I wish I were your victim.

And feel sheepish that all mine got was a "I'm sorry!" card.

9:57 AM

Blogger Aim said...

Yes, the thought of 'assassins' revolving around yarn is hilarious! What us knitters won't do for the love of yarn :)

6:39 PM


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