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Monday, January 28, 2008

My week in review.

Last week was a very hormonal week. At least looking back upon it, that's what must have caused my chemical imbalance. It surely can't be the freaking miserable grey, cold, rainy, snowy, climate that is Northern Illinois in January. I started the week off on Monday reserving a hotel room in of all cities-Minneapolis. In February?!? When I came across a post from a knitter who went to Knit out '07 and was surrounded by 50,000 knitters I wanted to go. My husband, being very supportive of my crazy knitting adventures finally said sure I'll go with you. The kids were stoked when they found out the mall has a Lego store that's 4 stories tall! As the week went on I decided driving 12 hours to a huge mall in MN in the middle of winter is really NOT something I want to tackle.
I checked travel locations to all warm and sunny cities all week long. In the end my husband talked me out of every scenario I presented to him. As he stated, "Wouldn't it be better to save the $3000 for several trips this year instead of blowing it all on one impulsive trip?" Let's just say last week I felt very impulsive and would have hopped on a plane to Miami in a heartbeat!
So, project wise last week I finally finished my felted mitten project. They are warm and I love the little ribbed cuff I sewed inside them.

And as my husband noticed they match my center square hat I knit up last year.

A couple of days ago I cast on for another cabled hat,Shedir.

I'm considering it part of my assassin training for Hat Attack 2008!


Blogger Yarn Tails said...

I am actually going up there for a four day weekend. My one friend lives up there and works in one of the yarn stores! I am just excited over the whole thing!

Hope you feel better soon after all the snow we are suppose to get dumped on us this coming weekend.

7:49 PM


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