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Thursday, September 03, 2009


I am a country girl stuck not only in Illinois but in the city. While I've gotten used to all the conveniences of being so close to everything, I doubt I'll ever get used to how closed in city life sometime makes me feel.
Fall is in the air and there are a few apple orchards close by we could visit. They have all become quite the "tourist traps" for the suburbanites to frequent on the weekends so we don't visit often. They are nice if you are looking for entertainment with a bakery, wagon rides, a variety of novelty farm animals, the "pick your own" berries and apples that cost more than you'd ever thought you would spend considering you are providing the labor.
I decided to check out a place today that has no extra frills just really good raspberries for your picking pleasure.
It's down a dirt road....

My kids even thought it was cool and they didn't freak out over the thousands of bees buzzing around.
It was hard not to pick too many as the bushes were loaded with ripe berries.

No automatic scanners at the checkout. Just a mailbox with a sign that read "Honor Box". It was exactly the field-trip I needed. Nice, open country space with acres of farmland and not a person in sight.


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Perfect day trip!! :)

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