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Friday, October 23, 2009

Making a Difference

With so many problems in our world it's hard to realize exactly what you as an individual could do to make a difference.
Today the kids and I headed to pack meals for a non-profit organization, Feed My Starving Children. They distribute these vegetarian meals to places with the greatest numbers of starving children. They have sent food to more than 60 countries. "The United States does not have that level of hunger on a widespread basis. In the past they have supplied food to an Indian reservation in South Dakota and to those affected by Hurricane Katrina."
We packed enough food in an hour and a half to provide 45,000 meals . That's enough to feed 41 children for a year.
I also signed us up to volunteer with our local Salvation Army for their holiday rush period. Hopefully we will be able to help serve Thanksgiving dinner to those who need it right in our own neighborhood.
I am trying to knit and sew for Halos of Hope, a Chicago land organization who provide hats and scarves to those undergoing cancer treatment.
There are so many people right in your own community who could use some of your time and talent too.
Maybe for you it is a forest preserve cleanup or a visit to the local nursing home. Could it be donating food, clothing, or toys to a local organization helping those less fortunate?
This weekend go Make a Difference.


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