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Friday, March 26, 2010

In like a Lion

...out like a lion? I've had a horrible March so I am ready to see this month leave. On with the warmer weather already!
I've been struck with extreme fatigue since the beginning of March so last weekend I decided to start a new eating plan. It all started with a trip to the bookstore Saturday...

It's simple:
1.Add 5 habits(Eat breakfast, eat more veggies and fruits, eat whole grains, eat healthy fats, and move/walk at least 30 minutes per day)
2. Break 5 habits (No TV while eating, No sugar, No snacks, moderate meat, and no eating at restaurants)

The no sugar was really hard the first couple of days. No table sugar, brown sugar, honey, jam, jelly, desserts or sodas. I had to go out and buy a new box of cereal because I didn't have any cereal without added sugar.

I love the new veggie cookbook. This week we tried out several new recipes for dinners. We had Teriyaki Tofu, Veggie Chow Mein, Seitan meat and potatoes, Tortilla soup, and Black Bean Sofrito.

Hopefully this new healthy eating plan can help kick-start me into a new month where I have lots of energy.


Anonymous carolyn said...

Do you really have to cut out ALL sugar? Do you get to reintroduce it gradually and just keep it minimal? Honey is natural. I wouldn't think a little bit of jelly on toast would be bad. What cereal did you end up buying? Have you thought about oatmeal? (I'm not a huge fan)

9:13 PM


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