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Friday, December 09, 2005

But Mom!!

This is what I'm hearing from my kids today after a beautiful snowfall overnight. The 3rd grader was certain school would have to be closed. There's a huge sledding hill that's calling his name and that would be so much more fun than sitting at a desk all day in school. The 4 year old came down with a bad chest cold which turned into pnemonia a couple of days ago. His begging to go outside to help me shovel was a good try but didn't work.
I've been trying to complete some of the many projects on my knit and crochet list.
I finished two hats to go with previously posted scarves.

I made a knit chenille scarf that my son loves to wear but I didn't like the way it looked when it was finished. I still had 2 skeins to use up so I decided to crochet a scarf and hat set. I crocheted the scarf lengthwise and I like the look of it. The hat was a simple single crochet in a round and I finished it in about an hour. As easy as it was to whip up I'm glad to be rid of the chenille. Kathy knows my happiness.

Have a great weekend. "16 days left"


Blogger KathyMarie said...

Seriously, I know what chenille does to a person. Makes 'em crazy. Crazy like the fox.

8:59 AM


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