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Thursday, September 07, 2006

A fiber sanctuary?

Yesterday, the kids and I headed to the county fair. I swear I didn't coach them on the animal rights thing before we went. You would have thought so by how freaked out my oldest was about how all the animals are doomed to the slaughter house next week after the fair ended. I was the one trying to get his mind off of it by asking him to please not think of it and just enjoy being at the fair. The Lions booth were selling $1.00 raffle tickets for a chance to fill your freezer with 1100 pounds of beef. We went over to take a look at what was moving inside their shed. It was the actual cow that would be put into your freezer. A beautiful hereford with georgous brown eyes and so sweet nosing my son's hand to be petted. My oldest begged for me to buy a ticket because if we won we could save it from becoming hamburger. "No, I will not turn my yard into a sanctuary for farm animals. I don't think the neighbors or the city would approve of it either." After this I tried to avoid the barns and we took in the antique tractors, vegetable displays, and craft barns. In one of the vendor display sheds I came across a friendly couple running a spinning and weaving supply booth. We originally stopped to say hi after seeing a sign for "Finn/rambouillet sheep". The youngest was excited a sheep was named after him. All the yarns came from their own sheep and they invited the kids to come visit sometime. It was refreshing to meet someone friendly for a change. After I checked out their website I came across a site for a custom fiber processing mill. That would be so neat to have a small farm with alpaca and sheep and have the fleece cleaned/spun and dyed to what I wanted. Yes, I can see a "fiber" sanctuary in my backyard now that would be cool.


Blogger alliesw said...

Something like that happened to us once and I just have to stay away from county fair type things now. My DD still cries in the middle of whole foods when she sees the fish market (and she is just a "partial" vegetarian, as she calls herself).

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