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Sunday, August 13, 2006

So much yarn and tons of possibilities

The kids and I headed to Stitches Midwest on Friday. I knew I wasn't quite ready for a "store" of this magnitude but what the heck, I went anyway. After we found our way through the hallway maze we reached the market and I was immediately overwhelmed. There were so many colors, textures, and brands of everything knitting related. It was very cool. I'm so glad my fellow Sit 'n Stitch comrades found what they wanted. I went home empty handed. I thought I could finally get myself to commit to purchasing animal fiber(at least for the husband's sweater). On Saturday I researched a bit more at Webs on what yarns would look and work best and put them in my virtual shopping basket. (This place has one of the best selections and prices on yarns. If you haven't checked them out you're missing a great resource.) Earlier in the day I received a pretty big envelope from PETA. I can't stand PETA, they're all about shock value. I really wanted to ignore it and even went to run errands to try to put it out of my mind. I finally took a look inside:

Yep, I didn't end up placing any order. I'm back to sorting out the pros and cons again. Can I really be so against eating meat but have no problem supporting wool/sheep production? The Wisconsin Sheep and Wool Festival is coming up September 8-10. Maybe if I buy direct from the source after seeing the treatment of their specific animals I won't feel as guilty about using wool/alpaca fiber. My husband is right-I think about everything way too much. I just need to relax and go with my gut feeling.


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