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Saturday, August 19, 2006


I saw a mini van this week with the following bumper sticker:"Who are these kids and why are they calling me Mom?".
I started thinking how on some days this runs through my mind. Not necessarily with my kids but my life's plan in general. "Who is this man and why does he think I would turn into a totally different being because I gave up my career and birthed children?"
Seeing that it's been a month since my birthday I'm still a little bummed he didn't acknowledge it with even a Hallmark greeting. He came through on my 18th birthday (and the next 15 years)with heart felt sentiments. Remember the "brunch at Moosewood" coupons and "night at a comedy club" coupons. I am an extremely hard person to buy gifts for but I wasn't even expecting a gift. Even a handmade crayon colored card would have made my day. (Sorry sweetie but you know this has been on my mind for weeks.)Alrighty then, moving on....

I officially removed my kids from school on Tuesday. I knew I'd probably homeschool for the 06-07 school year back in May but I'm just getting around to telling the schools. I feel relived and completely overwhelmed at the same time. My oldest(soon to be 10) has spent the past 4 years set aside and bored in class so he's excited to finally be learning "new" things. The youngest(soon to be 5) spent the last 2 years struggling with anxiety at each preschool class day. Thank goodness we aren't going to have to go through the daily leg tugging, teary goodbyes of last year's schoolyear. Although at this point, I think I may need perscription drugs for anxiety.
I always wanted to be a stay at home Mom and it took 5 years after the first was born but we did it. Each year since I've looked into pulling him from school but was worried about things far off in the future. What about high school and college? I loved school, wouldn't I be depriving him of some great experiences? The more I witnessed the not so great experiences my son was encountering I knew it was the right decision to keep him home at least for a year. My knitting projects may take a bit longer to complete, the house will never be as clean, dirty clothes will build up, and dinner will be quick and easy for a little while but I won't have to wonder any more what it would be like if they stayed home to school.


Blogger KathyMarie said...

Congrats on making a sort-of tough decision for your boys, and for you.

And I'm sorry that your honey missed your birthday. I'm sorry that *we* missed your birthday. Steps will be taken to remedy this oversight.

12:26 AM


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