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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Library Time

We visited a local library today and my son came across a survey. It stated, "Would you be interested in a cafe/bakery inside the library?" My son quickly circled all the "yes" options with an additional comment of "please offer hot chocolate too." What a great idea. This summer while on vacation we stopped by a library with a cafe/bakery option. It was so cool I took pictures.

There were other "cool" things I had never seen in a library before. Take a look at the entrance to the Children's department. A huge saltwater aquarium and a neat bubble feature as you enter.

This sign was made for people like me who forget they have a cell phone and always forget to turn it off upon entering. I didn't forget this time.

They have an awesome water fountain inside the entrance that continues on outside the building as a small stream.
Of course this all comes with a price. Their media department is more like a Blockbuster. All types of media, videos, CD's, DVDs, and audio books are housed inside a separate room with it's own entrance and exit. There is a "price list" for this room that starts at $.50 for books on tape to $4.00 for non-fiction/educational videotapes.

We love libraries. My son has on his to-do list for next summer to visit the Library of Congress. The website offers a virtual tour and it looks magnificent.


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