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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Drama Queen

I love a good drama. I'm the first to admit I love reality shows because there is so much drama that comes out over the course of the series. But when the drama exists in my own personal life forget it. For months I've been wondering what I could have possibly done to piss my family members off. It's been a good 10 years since we've been invited to a family holiday celebration. This is ok with us because who really wants to navigate through O'Hare during the holidays. But it would be nice to feel wanted once in a while. Over the past couple of weeks the kids and I were invited to my parents winter home down south. The catch-come visit when my parents would be out of town and go home the day they return. What? As I explained to my Dad, it would be nice to spend time with you personally and not just your RV. The next odd request, to take my kids on an Alaska cruise. This would be a great opportunity but why invite only the kids. It's not like my husband or I have ever been up to Alaska. Anyway, all this freaking drama has caused me to be mentally exhausted. If it weren't for my drive to keep the kids on task with their schooling I think I could have hibernated this winter. Wake me when the sun comes out again!

On the knitting front, I finished my celtic tote yesterday.

I'd like to line it with fabric and add an inside pocket before I put it in use but at least it's all seemed and felted.
I've had enough of the grey. I'm still working on my husband's grey sweater but I needed to work on something fun and colorful.
Monday I headed to the burbs for a "school" function that was conveniently in the Chix with Stix neighborhood. I purchased my first skeins of Noro Silk Garden. If there's a yarn to chase the winter blahs away this may be it! I cast on a diagonal ribbed scarf yesterday and so far I love it!

What are you working on this week?


Blogger Yarn Tails said...

That tote looks awesome. I was going to knit on my socks, but did my nails instead. lol

Families are weird. My grandparents always just wanted to spend time with certain ones of us kids (there being 9 of us) and never our parents. Must be that generation or something.

Hope you had a good hump day!

8:24 PM

Blogger Aim said...

you are so right to wonder about that drama...and should be rightfully upset at the way you are being treated. Well, if they want to miss out on family time, it's their choice--sometimes there is so much baggage that just being apart is better :)

Your projects look amazing! I love your Celtic tote, and the annemoir hat is gorgeous! You do really great work, and it's inspiring to me (I'm also stuck in IL)

6:49 AM


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