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Friday, April 04, 2008

So much to do, so little time

You may think the reason my posts are few and far between is because I haven't had anything to post about. No, my friends the reason I don't post often is due to lack of time. In my knitting life I usually get about 2 rows completed a day. With 8 projects in progress that means I haven't made progress on any of these. I've realized first hand about the "boyfriend" sweater. Husband asks several times a week if it's done yet. Let me see with the schooling, errands, several PT appointments per week, house work, and my Etsy shop-- NO YOUR FREAKIN' SWEATER ISN'T FINISHED!
Over on Ravelry, the Malabrigo junkies group declared March-Malabrigo March. I cast on a new pattern, Interlocking cable hat. I chose the Totuga colorway from Malabrigo and it worked up in a day.

It's so soft and warm around my ears and it's not a WIP. The ends are woven in and it's in use as I write this.
Have you noticed that right now we're in a GO GREEN phase. Our local library received a grant for several "green" programs. I attended a start to spin session from a local fiber arts studio established to promote Illinois-produced fiber. I brought home a spindle and 4 oz of roving from the Illinois Green Pastures Fiber Co-Op. Sweet!!!
Today I received a new book that will hopefully help me turn my "very unique" hand spun yarn into not so "unique" yarn that I can actually knit up.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"NO YOUR FREAKIN' SWEATER ISN'T FINISHED!" Funny how other projects started afterwards got finished though. Feel the love :(

1:09 PM

Blogger Anna said...

Dear anonymous,
If I had the yarn for the sleeves I would so work on your lovely sweater.

2:44 PM


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