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Monday, November 02, 2009

Pumpkin Week

Last week was filled with Fall activities.
I hate crowds so we skipped the big Pumpkinfest last weekend but still went to see the display of pumpkins after the fest was over. We traveled down the road to view the pumpkins on the courthouse lawn on Tuesday. My favorite was a Lego themed pumpkin.

On Wednesday we gathered with a group of home schooling friends at the orchard for a mud filled corn maze.

The kids didn't care so much about the maze but loved playing tag on top of the huge hay bales.

On Friday I took the kids to a special Halloween concert. They aren't huge fans of classical music and would rather play metal on Rockband but they loved the concert.
Especially Vader conducting the Imperial March with his light saber.

Saturday was pumpkin carving

and time for dressing like a soldier(at least the kids did). Thanks to a local Army Surplus store this was the cheapest Halloween yet. The kids were excited to get authentic hats/clothes/patches and even their own dog tags.

Add to all that a full week of school and it's no wonder why I was so tired yesterday.
I hope you all had a great Halloween weekend too!


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