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Friday, December 16, 2005

It can be hazardous to your hands.

Every year this holiday sneaks right up on me. I swear somehow my calendar flies by on fast forward from Halloween to the end of the year. Here I sat Wednesday with a concept of two teacher gifts that needed to be delivered by that same evening. I decided the best route was to follow a suggestion to whip up some hot pads.

I doubled up on the cotton yarn to add thickness quick. By the end of the project I actually had a blister on my little finger. Note to self, next time start projects in July. Especially the ones involving cotton.
I decided to give gift cards to the rest of my extended family clan but that concept was shot down by my husband. "Gift cards are so impersonal." Yes they are, but they are perfect for the procrastinator in me and they are very practical. So I finished and sent out another hat/scarf set along with the Chenille set.

I started a scarf last night for my Mother-In-Law in Southern California. Oh how I dream of the day where I'm stuck in Sunny, 70 degree December weather. Back to reality. I don't have the time for California dreaming. Hey, at least I don't have to dream of a white Christmas. Two projects left to start/complete in 8 days. Happy stitching-have a great weekend.


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