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Friday, January 20, 2006

Rib it.

Actually the newest knitting project attempt is called Classic Stripes.

It states in the book Knit Scarves-"Easy stripes in a wide rib pattern." I was expecting easy but man I have problems with this one. I can't seem to join a new color without a long yarn from the other color getting in the way. The longer it gets the more it rolls so why should I bother fixing this problem anyway? Hopefully I can make the Monday sit-n-stitch and one of the knit masters can help me out.
After watching 4 episodes of Tivo'd Trading Spaces at one sitting I decided to redo my son's bedroom with his area carpet as inspiration.
Of course I have no helpers and $100 budget but that's life. Only after I brought the paint home did I realize his room is going to be red, white and blue. The name of the blue is "star spangled" no less. Hopefully I will finish it up within a week as I realized these kids have a lot of stuff in their bedroom and that stuff is invading every part of my upstairs.
Hope you all have a great weekend.


Blogger KathyMarie said...

Can you throw in some yellow to make it a little less... patriot act? Good luck!

The scarf looks great from here. Bring it on Monday--I'm sure we can get you sorted.

And have you heard about the knitting olympics? You should totally join, you big knitter. You'd win all over the place.

8:02 AM


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