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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Brain fart

This is what we called it in High School when your brain would temporarily be out of order. Lately my mental capacity has been on a downward spiral. Last night while gathering with the gals for sit 'n stitch a fellow stitcher, Heather shot me a "what the hell is wrong with your brain" look. For some unknown reason when Sandy mentioned her Church had a priest visiting from Nicaragua I thought she said Nigeria. I responded with "the church I attend has a priest from Africa too". I realized after Heather's look what Sandy had said and felt like a complete moron. I really know Central America and Africa are in completely different parts of the world. I blame this incident on my years of selective listening. I'm really good at being able to tune parts of conversations out. This is extremely useful at family gatherings not so much at round table discussions.


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