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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

One foot is warm.

I started on my second pair of socks,one skein sockettes, about 2 weeks ago. Things were clipping along and I finished the first sock within a few days.

Then came my parent's visit during Easter week. I should have put my needles down in anticipation of not being able to think coherently enough to start the next sock, but I didn't. Knitting helped me keep my sanity throughout their 6 day visit. I realized this morning while working on the body section of this sock that I messed up the cuff. For some reason I decided to do a K2, P2 ribbing. This would be fine except on the first sock I did a K1, P1 ribbing. Enter lots of of expletives here @?!%*$!@?!

It took 15 seconds to rip out hours of work.


Blogger Heather said...

Oooh, what a bummer! It's easier to frog when it's accompanied by wine. ;)

What yarn are you using there? It's purty!

4:40 PM

Blogger KathyMarie said...

The first one looks great--sorry about the second one.

O'Leary's on Monday? Bring the sock; we'll teach it how to drink ale.

6:28 PM


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