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Thursday, April 06, 2006

The best thing about working a "graveyard" shift at a retail store is my ability to listen to podcasts the entire shift. I listened to 2 "new to me" casts that were really interesting. The first is Quirky Nomads. After the 2004 election I told my husband ,"when Illinois turns red on the election map, we're out of here." So when I read her tag-line I knew I had to check it out. "It's the story of a family that said, "If the Republicans get any worse, we're moving to Canada." And then? They really did."I first heard about her from the show she did for Brenda Dayne of Cast On. Sage's podcasts are generally under 15 minutes. I found myself listening to a few hours of different shows last night. If you have the chance check her out.
Another "new to me" cast this week was Escape Adulthood. It's a couple from Madison,WI trying to do just that, escape the reality of being a grownup. Now for me, I don't have to go very far to escape. I'm blessed with 2 kids that keep me entertained and feeling like a kid most of the time. At the beginning of this year Kim & Jason challenged themselves and listeners to a "40-day program,The Escape Plan, designed to help you safely and effectively treat Adultitis." It's a great concept with lots of fun ideas. Each day there is a challenge that won't take more than 15 minutes to complete but will put you in a happier "kid-like" state of mind. There are lots of fun ideas like speaking in a phony accent to a stranger, or doing something your parents would never let you do as a child. This week, as a family we built bugs out of toothpicks and different fruits and vegetables(celery, raisins, grapes, carrots) and then ate them. It was a moment where the husband and I reverted to thinking like a kid. If you haven't done anything fun and kid-like this week go do it. It feels so refreshing.


Anonymous Jason Kotecki said...


Thanks for the shout out about The Escape Plan and our podcast. Interestingly, Kim and I know DeKalb quite well. We went to school at NIU -- Northern Illinois University for those of you NOT stuck in Illinois. Also, feel free to drop Kim any helpful hints you may have about crochet. It's her newest hobby:

Take care!

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