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Thursday, February 23, 2006

It looked simple enough.

I was surfing the blogs after I finished the Olympic hat and came across Behind the Times KAL. I viewed numerous Clapotis that were beautiful. I went out shopping for inexpensive yarns that would become my next project. I wanted something that would be variegated as these seemed to really look good in this pattern. I purchased the following:
My 4 year old picked it out for Gramma cause she loves purple. Right by this color was Caron Simply Soft in yummy summer colors for $3 per 12 oz. skein. Cool, I decided to "practice" this pattern with "Papaya" Simply Soft yarn first. I'm about halfway through the Clapotis and I hate it. Maybe I hate it because I got used to fast, simple, hat projects. This pattern seems to go nowhere. I guess I didn't contemplate how long 359 rows would take me. I'm going to try to give it until I run out of yarn to see if it may look better the further along I continue.

Maybe the crochet hooks will surface for Gramma's wrap/shawl as I would like to complete her project by the time she visits for Easter.


Blogger KathyMarie said...

Yeah, the going-nowhere feeling on the clapotis was just too awful to contemplate. I couldn't let mine live.

10:40 AM


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