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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Eviction Notice

I hate to give up on anything. I wanted to start my own home based business a couple of years ago and went for it. I had a web site, an email address, a PO Box, a toll free number, t-shirts and business cards, and even special insurance. It never took off and I chalked it up to a learning experience.
I signed up through the city to plant a garden plot this year. I wish I could say I had a green thumb but I somehow manage to kill every living plant that I come into contact with. On Saturday I received an eviction notice from the City Clerk's Office. I had until June 21st to get my garden in order or they were taking over my plot and would never rent to me again. I can't give up. I must conquer the weeds and somehow get vegetables to grow. My parents are excellent gardeners. They could write a book on organic gardening they're so good at it. Shouldn't this skill have been passed on to me? Why wasn't I paying attention the first 18 years of my life? Every muscle in my body was aching last night from 2 days worth of manual labor trying to make my garden presentable. I can remember people stopping by my parent's house when I was younger wanting to buy manure(we had four horses at the time). I would laugh in their faces at the absurdity of charging for poop. I would show them to the pile and encourage them to take as much as they wanted. I've become one of those city folk paying for bagged manure. I can hear my Dad laughing now. Somehow my children seem convinced I will surely have tons of pumpkins, zucchini, and tomatoes in a couple of months. I should be optimistic but I know I will probably get another letter in a few weeks revoking my gardening privileges. My Husband will be laughing at me and at the same time saying, "I told you so." I hate that even more than quitting.
In other adventures,I stumbled upon some Bernat cotton blend yarn($1.30/skein on the clearance shelf) that I'm going to use for my next KAL with the Sexy Knitter's Club. I knit up a gauge swatch last week and am ready to get started on the Tempting II July 1st.
My favorite place in this town to get veggie soup is having a special celebration for the first day of summer tomorrow. In celebration of the first day of summer on June 21st, Panera Bread is providing a "Today I'm Taking Mom to Lunch at Panera Bread!" coupon, inviting kids to take Mom to lunch to thank them for all their hard work!
Yay, summer is officially here!


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