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Thursday, July 06, 2006

Los Angeles

This post is in response to the following comment I received:

I will be moving to DeKalb from Los Angeles for a job at NIU. How is life in that small college town, could you please tell? Thanks.

Posted by Anonymous to Stuck in Illinois at 7/02/2006 06:29:23 AM

This is really weird considering I leave for a weeklong visit to LA in less than a week.

1. In DeKalb think less concrete and more corn. Miles upon miles of corn with soybean fields thrown in. I'm not sure how one can get used to tiny little patches of green space amid the concrete jungle out there. It's pretty neat to be stuck in the middle of miles upon miles of fertile farmland.

2. Traffic Jams? What's that? In DeKalb the only traffic backups you encounter is when the train moves through the downtown. This happens quite regularly, about every 20 minutes, but it's nothing compared to hours of sitting in the parking lot known as the 405.

3. Smog? There aren't any smog alert days here-YET!!

4. The influence of Hollywood Diets and skinny movie stars hasn't hit this town. People carry extra weight on them. I think it's to get them through the cold months kind of like an insulating layer.

5. We have signs for single family homes that state "from the 150s" compared to Los Angeles advertisements "starting at 3.5 million". Ouch!!

6. No ocean breezes to speak of here but on the coldest winter day I can guarantee we'll have below zero wind chills that will make you wish you were soaking up the sun on the California beaches.

Overall, I think you'll have a slower paced life out here along with refreshing clean air to breathe. Remember a big city is only an hour away from here. Chicago is awesome in the summer. Fall is great with colorful leaves, apple orchards and corn mazes.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sounds nice. It almost makes me wish I lived there. Oh, damn, I do live here. Winter sucks.

Your DH.

12:39 PM


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