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Friday, July 28, 2006

Stay On Task

Lately I've inherited my Mother's ADD. It's been extremely difficult for me to stay on task. I intend to start or finish projects yet at the end of the day it seems I have accomplished absolutely nothing. This problem extends into house work, school work, shopping tasks, and knitting projects. This Tempting II project is absolutely mindless knitting. The K1,P1 rib is a big black hole that never seems to get anywhere.

Last week I realized I'd really like a shawl. Never mind the other 3 projects I currently have in progress. I'm 3 skeins into the shawl and try to knit on Tempting II at least 15 minutes a day. I have until August 31st to finish it along with all the oter Sexy Knitters. I love knitting socks and am so easily distracted by sock yarns and patterns. Oh if only I had another 12 hours in my day without any distractions. I can just imagine the projects I could whip up. Have a great weekend. I must get back to the task at hand, packing lunches to go enjoy some friendly competition at a local frisbee golf course.


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