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Thursday, July 20, 2006

All I wanted for my birthday...

This year I decided to go with the husband and kids to visit his relatives. The previous two years I stayed behind taking care of the dogs and serving as the airport shuttle. This was fine with me because adding another person to the trip adds about $600(dog care, airport parking, round trip ticket, food, etc). It had been over 5 years since I had seen everyone. I booked our tickets knowing we left on my birthday. This was fine as long as I got what I wanted out of it, watching the sun set into the ocean. I'm a simple girl. It was magnificent.

The rest of the days that followed were awesome too. Hubby and I took advantage of the MIL sitting service and attended two theatre movies. First we went to see Pirates II. The next night we drove to UC Irvine to see another flick, The Puffy Chair, where the director was present for a Q & A session. We hated it but it was cool to find a theatre screening independent films. We even tried out sea kyaking which we absoulutely loved. We took in an art fair in Laguna Beach. This has always been my favorite city with the cliffs and small cove beaches to hang out in.

The kids even had a Kodak moment enjoying the waves together.

16 years ago my husband traveled across country to be with me. You can take the man out of California but you can't take the love of the beach out of the man..

Even I became a beach bum by the end of our week..

We were not ready to come back to the place we call home but vacation has ended and there's already talk of next year's vacation. Did someone say Surf School?


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