How did we end up here? We've lived in Northern Illinois for 23 years. Way too long for this vegetarian! Thankfully, we're only a Metra ride away from Chicago.

Monday, August 07, 2006

Island Time

I love Island time. No watches, clocks, or cell phone coverage.
This is what time it was for us the past 5 days. We headed over to Kelley's Island,OH to meet up with my Mom, Dad, Sister, Brother-in-Law, and Niece.I had a great time staying up really late around the campfire and sleeping late(for us 8am is late). The kid's loved the ferry ride over and back.

We took in a couple of spectacular sunsets.

Riding in Gramma and Grandpa's Jeep was one of the highlights of the trip too.

I'm exhausted. I know I should be well rested and rejuvenated after a vacation but the driving time wiped me out. It was only 747 miles from start to finish but the traffic and construction around Chicagoland slowed us down. Next year-a condo in Tortola?


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