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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Which one will it be?

I don't have much patience this week.
I've been wanting to start on another sweater/shirt/tank top since I finished up the cardigan but I couldn't decide which pattern to pick. I originally decided on Picolovi, then I thought it would be nice to try out a new pattern(one I haven't knit up yet).
I must be craving lace in my knitting diet because I ordered some new CotLin from KnitPicks last week to start a lacy tank from Interweaves Summer 2006 magazine. Still no notice of a ship date though and it's been a week. My impatience is starting to surface.
I decided to order the "Rusted Root" pattern from Zephyr Style. It's a cute lace panel t shirt like knit. I was hoping to cast on for this one today after I pick out more cotton blend yarn. But guess what? It's been over 12 hours since ordering the pdf downloadable pattern and still no pattern in my inbox. Getting more impatient now! I'm about 3 weeks late in starting this one to join the other Sexy knitters. Seeing all the other in progress and completed shirts definitely motivated me to join in.
While waiting to make up my mind on what shirt to knit up I started a fair isle hat a couple days ago. I'm at the crown decreases so I will probably finish this one up today or tomorrow. It still feels a bit wintry here despite the date on the calendar and I may get to wear it yet this year. This one will more than likely become another donation hat as it's really large. I like fair isle because it forces my left hand to continental knit.

I found the pattern here. There isn't much explanation as to the decreases and I did the liner portion first instead of last so I didn't have to sew it up at the end. Here's a picture of the comfy cozy liner on the inside.

FYI-If you K2tog from the outside to the inside liner you won't see the liner showing through to the outside of the hat. I'd still be knitting garter stitch dishcloths if it weren't for my trial and error method of knitting.


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