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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

A Green Tomato

My Tomato Top featured in No Sheep for You is finished. I finally completed a project with lots of yarn left over. I usually have to make my tops short because I run out of yarn. I used 7 and 1/2 balls of KnitPicks shine worsted in grass for the main color and 1/2 ball of shine worsted in cream for the contrast color.

I love that it's so soft. I also love that with top down patterns you can try it on as you go but hate to put all those stitches on waste yarn to do so. After my waist decreases I moved half of the stitches to another circular needle to make sure this size was going to be big enough. My Picovoli of last summer was a bit snug so I am relieved this shirt had room to breathe. If I could go back and change something it would probably be to change the front neck ribbing. My husband thought I made a mistake on the front four ribs because the pattern calls for K2tog for these. I guess it kind of looks like a mistake but if you look at the photo in the book you can see the "mistake" here too. Maybe it's for accentuating the bust (if the contrast stripe running across your bust isn't attention grabbing enough). I loved the top down, no seaming aspect of this sweater so much I purchased my yarn for the next Sexy Knitters Club kal over the weekend. It's FIFI from French Girl designs. It's a top down, seamless, cabled t shirt that I hope knits up as comfy as it looks like in the picture.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You look nothing like a green tomato. Tu es muy hermosa!


1:05 PM

Blogger mc78 said...

Great work! It looks like it would make a nice vest as well.

12:11 PM

Blogger KathyMarie said...

You know how we were going to have a two-person KAL on this project? I still haven't even measured my swatch.

Your Tomato looks fabulous--great job!

12:46 PM

Blogger Virtuous said...

Love your green tomato!
What size did you knit up?

8:27 PM

Blogger Anna said...

Ooops. I'm not so great with the fine details. I knit the 35 1/2" bust size on size 7 bamboo circular needles.

10:43 AM


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