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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Deja Vu

I spent two hours in a car dealership last night thinking I've been here and done this before, purchasing a new vehicle without test driving it first. I've test driven only one of the last four new cars we've purchased. I won't actually be driving it very much, thank goodness. With $4 a gallon gas in the very near future it will save us money over the life of this car. My husband, the tech guru, has been wanting this car for over two years and now he's got one.

It's a computer phobics nightmare. This car has so many gadgets it's a wonder one can still drive the thing sanely. You don't actually use a key to start it. I know right? You can watch your energy consumption and it calculates exactly what gas mileage you are getting. So much for the family camping vacations. Did you see how small these cars are? No wonder they get 60 mpg.
I potentially have the ability to never be lost again. That is if I take the time to figure out how to use the GPS. Have a bluetooth? It's got you all set up through the car's computer. Have an MP3? Yep, it's got a direct line plug for that too. It's got a backup camera? Why does it need this? Just for the "that's so cool" factor?
Honey, I hope you still have this smile after spending some bonding time with your new toy.


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It is still fun!


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