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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Now you will read...the rest of the story

Here's the story of my swamp, I mean pool. I went to open up our backyard pool on April 26th and discovered that the liner had pulled away from the structure of the pool. A vinyl liner has about a 10-15 year lifespan before it needs replaced and ours fit right into this replacement window. I contacted several pool contractors and only came up with one company that serviced our area. My options now included do it ourselves or have this company do it. We decided this was going to be extremely difficult for the two of us to tackle so we hired the contractor and gave them half of the money. This is April 30th. Almost a week later the contractor came out and took measurements and placed our liner order. We uncovered the pool, now May 5th in expectations of having our pool all fixed by the 12th. We have yet to see the contractors show up. The latest story we've gotten is the contracor is short on crew and running behind but they'll get to us hopefully by the end of this week. For three weeks the water left in the pool has been growing green,yellow, and black algae. This week the pool claimed it's first drowning victim, a squirrel I had to net out. Frustrating doesn't even come close to what we are feeling at this point. With our pool season in Illinois being about 3 months it takes us usually the month of May to get the water warm enough to enjoy swimming in it. Even if they get our pool up and operational by the end of May the water will be so cold we won't be able to use it until the 4th of July.
Alright, enough about the pool on to what's been flying off the needles. Last week I finished knitting the tank top I was working on. It's been waiting for me to seam it up and add a crocheted edge around the neck and arms.

On Monday I started the Central Park Hoodie. I picked a non-wool, cotton blend yarn for this cardigan. I've worn the wool cardigan a few times in the past couple of months but I can't stand it against my skin.

I haven't progressed much in the past few days because I've been distracted by another hobby. In January I got a new sewing machine and wanted to come up with a small bag design I could use for my works in progress. I tried out a few different patterns but wasn't too happy with the results so I set it aside. Last week I went back to this project and developed a bag I was finally happy with. The size seems right and the drawstrings hang the way I want them to. The bottom sits flat and it's reversible. I put a couple up for sale on etsy Monday and they sold by Tuesday. I made a few more over the past couple of days and have enjoyed starting this up. It's a fun way to share a craft with others.
I hope you all have a relaxing and restful 3 day weekend!


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At least it's been way too cold to swim this summer.

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