How did we end up here? We've lived in Northern Illinois for 23 years. Way too long for this vegetarian! Thankfully, we're only a Metra ride away from Chicago.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

New project

I started a new top(Fifi) over the weekend and everything seemed to be cruising along just fine.

I stopped knitting to put all these stitches on waste yarn to make sure the sleeves were the right size. I've even followed their suggestion of making the cables without using a cable needle. Fast forward 10 rows into the bodice portion when I realize I somehow turned my knitting so my front and back became my sleeves. Do'h! I'm sure it has nothing to do with the constant multi tasking I tried to accomplish as I was trying to knit on this. So I ripped it back the 10 rows and stashed it away until I can devote all my attention to figuring out how to do this correctly.


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