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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

100 Sold

This morning I sold the 100th bag from my Etsy shop. And this is the bag that was number 100:

This one is headed to a Football fiber fan living in Iowa but loves Minnesota(and whoever is playing the Packers).
Yes I am now known as the bag lady at my house and my local post office.

We had house guests over the past five days so not much sewing was happening but it was nice to get cousins together and catch up with my sister. Her daughter is 3 and was very interested in what I was knitting on and who it was being made for.

The hazard of leaving a project for awhile is remembering where you left off. Case in point is my cardigan that I put aside back in June. I picked it back up last week and started knitting on the hood. About 20 rows into the hood I noticed the cables were all off. So I placed it back into the "later" pile and knit up some more dishcloths. Now that the house guests have left I'm digging it back out to finish it so I can cast on for two other sweaters in my queue.


Blogger KnittingHawkeye said...

eewww the Vikings!!! I prefer the Packers, which is why I adore the bag you made. =P Janice is cool though, maybe eventually I'll forgive her. =P

6:43 PM

Blogger Friender said...

Congratulations! I've bought two and really like them (well, I gave one to my sockapalooza pal, but she adores it, too).

3:55 PM

Blogger Janice said...

I LOVE my Vikings bag and have Viking colored socks in it right now!!! Also made a care package for my college daughter with the coffee sock bag I bought and she LOVED it as well!! From one bag lady to another.. congratulations on your 100th!! Glad I could be a part of it!!

4:38 PM


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