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Monday, July 09, 2007

I really want to quit!

I'm thinking the Fifi top is really frustrating me and knitting shouldn't be this darn stressful. Last week I swapped the front and back for the sleeves(don't ask!). This week I apparently can't follow directions at all. For the center panel in the lower bodice it clearly states "arrange rib pattern so that there is a P2 column on either side of central panel". Here's what mine looks like.....

I guess I really didn't want that much symmetry in my sweater as the right side clearly doesn't have the P2 ribbing adjacent to the central panel. DANG IT!!! I can't believe I have to rip this blasted thing back again. Clearly it's time for another project that I can enjoy instead of curse at.

My Etsy shop is cruising along. I'll soon see some of my bags paired up with fabulous hand dyed yarn and homemade stitch markers in two shops, White Oak Studio and Zen Yarn Garden. I feel like I've met so many great knitters in the past month. That's what I love about this knitting "community". You really feel like your connected somehow and yet you've never met face to face.


Blogger Roxanne said...

Hey Anna...I got the sock yarn bags today and they are awesome! Thank you and stay tuned...should get something posted next week!

9:05 PM


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