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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Spinning Fun

Thanks to all the well wishes for myself and my family. In 35 years, I have lived only 1 of those without a dog in my life. Husband has a bet that I can't make it through the summer without rescuing another furry friend.

A couple of months ago I joined our local Freecycle group. It's a place to recycle items within a community in order to keep usable items out of our landfills. I posted a want ad last week for a spinning wheel. I figured there may be a chance someone had a wheel sitting around and wasn't using it. A day later I received a message from an individual that had acquired a wheel from his father but had never set it up. I went to pick it up on Saturday and this is how it all pieced together.

It needs alot of work to get it up and running. I don't think I'm up for restoring this one to it's original beauty but it sure was nice of this freecycler to give me a shot at piecing it together. I'm headed up to a fiber fair on Saturday to hopefully gain more knowledge on wheels and spinning. You can never have too many hobbies, right?


Blogger Yarn Tails said...

That is a beauty. Very nice! Spinning is very addicting. I should know! I got addicted very fast like! I just wish I had more hours in the day to enjoy it.

9:28 PM


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