How did we end up here? We've lived in Northern Illinois for 24 years. Way too long for this vegetarian! Thankfully, we're only a Metra ride away from Chicago.

Sunday, August 09, 2009

Dog Days

August is here and so it the hot and humid.

I know we just visited Cantigny twice in July but when I heard they were hosting the first ever dog days I had to check it out.
They had a huge section set up as an off leash play area for all the pooches. The kids loved watching the Frisbee dog demos. Eleanor Beagle was a perfect dog the entire time and she was pretty tired by the time we headed home too.

The contractors for our house project went ahead and installed the 20 windows. They'll be able to switch out the upper sashes once they arrive. It's so nice to finally have windows that open. Of course this weekend it's hot enough to have to run the air conditioning so they are closed for the moment.

Next up for house projects this week is new siding.

Thursday, August 06, 2009


We've been waiting 2 months for contractors to rip windows out of our 68 year old house.
Twenty new windows finally arrived this week but there are a couple of problems...

#1- They are still waiting in my garage to be installed.

#2- These aren't the windows we ordered. The top grill pattern is way too cluttered. They are "special order" windows. Maybe that is why it took so long to get them? Where are my "regular" windows?

We wait while the contractor figures out how to acquire the correct windows.

In dog news Eleanor has fit right into our daily grind. They play/run around like crazy. This means they have no trouble wearing each other out.