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Thursday, May 20, 2010

May Mojo

Or lack of knitting mojo? I worked on one project the past 20 days. It's a beautiful laceweight shawl(Icarus Shawl) but it sucked my knitting mojo this month.

For 3 days I haven't touched my knitting needles because I don't know what to start. A cardigan, another shawl, a simple discloth? Maybe I'll sit out the rest of May and start something new in June?
Last night I entered all my projects into to see how many yards of yarn I've knit this year so far. During 2010 I've knit 9 shawls and knit close to 4.5 miles(@7000 yards) of yarn.

Wow, no wonder I feel like giving knitting a short break.


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