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Thursday, December 21, 2006

It's a swap

About a month ago I came across a swap that seemed to fit me perfectly. A coffee and yarn swap. It seemed easy enough. The person in charge matched you up with another knitter in love with coffee and yarn and you answered a few questions through emails or your blog to get to know one another.
I ordered freshly roasted beans from a Chicago based company (Intelligentsia Coffee & Tea) that I like and yarn from an Etsy store (Fearless Fibers) that has been mentioned several times on different podcasts lately. The coffee came without any problems but the yarn came smelling like the barn, more accurately-the manure pile. How could I send this foul smelling yarn with the wonderful smelling coffee? The Etsy store owner was very helpful in exchanging this yarn with other yarn but now I was out more shipping fees.
A $40 gift package ended up costing me about $30 in shipping fees.
Over a week ago I received my swap package.

I loved the coffee, it tasted great. The cup at a time brewer is excellent and very addictive. The travel mug is fabulous. Thank You JavaJem for the package.
I'm not sure why this swap thing it so addictive though. I'm glad I finally participated in one but I don't think I'll be signing up for any in the near future. Thank goodness I signed up for one that involved only one package. These other swaps with multiple packages over several months would be cost prohibitive for me. This one stressed me out enough. It didn't help that it's the end of the year.


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