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Monday, October 15, 2007

My Painting Weekend

I thought I was ready for a color change for two of our rooms downstairs. My husband even picked the Behr brand based on high scores from Consumer Reports. This was my first mistake. I've never had any luck with their "picks". We went and picked up the paint last weekend. After the second coat of paint at 2am Friday night(really Saturday morning) we realized the orange autumn color wasn't going to work. Then as we were prepping to paint the third coat in a different brand and color this happened...

Yesterday we finished up only one of the two rooms I had planned to do. Home projects always take us double to triple the amount of time I think they will take. The worst part, it's exactly the same colors we've had in this room for 5 years.

The best part, I don't plan on painting this room for at least another 5 years!

I was able to watch a bunch of Tivo'd shows while waiting for the paint to dry. I'm really glad my husband had taped a new show,Pushing Daises. In the second episode one of the main characters, private investigator Emerson Cod, shares with us his love/obsession of knitting. Along with the "gun cozies" he knit up he also stores his money in hand knit socks in his desk drawer. He ended up narrowly escaping death by puncturing the body bag he was in with a knitting needle he was carrying with him. I know-how cool is that!


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